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Website Title: lawyer
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Website Title: lawyer-jobs
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Website Title: property-law
Phrases Cached From Content : Industrial property includes patents, trademarks, industrial designs and geographic indications of source. patents give the inventors of a new product, a certain (limited) amount of time in which he/she may prevent others from making, selling or
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Website Title: justice-lawyer
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Website Title: criminal-record
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Website Title: firm-fame
Phrases Cached From Content : and in the courts. Corporate lawyers regularly prepare amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs to influence judges' opinions. Senior managers directly lobby legislators and executive staff on behalf of their firms, their industries, or sectors
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Website Title: intellectual
Phrases Cached From Content : assets for brand success. Patents for Brands provide exclusivity for the commercialization of inventions and often play a crucial role in convincing investors or lenders. One or more Patents along with industrial design registrations reflect as
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Website Title: attorney
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Website Title: california-san-francisco-university
Phrases Cached From Content : Hugh Toland's successful patent medicine business sending syphilis and TB remedies to the miners via Wells Fargo. We felt it was equally important to stress his education in the clinics of Paris and his role in bringing serious clinical medical
Location:url: /university/california-san-francisco-university/ | page size: 31.2kb | relation: [2.12%]

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